What are the different types of saddles?

Today every equestrian discipline has its type of saddle. New materials are used to optimize the search for performance. Depending on the riding, the saddles are varied in shape but must always be adapted to the horse's back and to the rider.

The racing saddle

The racing saddle is a very light version of the classic English saddle, as it weighs less than one kilogram, while the normal saddle weighs between three and four kilograms. This type of saddle makes it possible to put on stirrups very short to allow the rider to adopt the "jockey" riding, in order to be as discreet as possible on the back of the horse, not to hinder it and therefore slow it down.

The dressage saddle

As the dressage riders wear long, with a length of stirrup important to better frame the horse with the legs, the flaps of these saddles come down low, so that the top of the boot does not hook the bottom of the saddle area .
To maintain the ideal position of the rider, the seats are hollow and the flaps have important front knee blocks. In dressage, the rider climbs with the leg almost vertically and the stirrup strap very long.

The hiking saddle

This saddle favors the comfort of the horse and the rider because it will be used over long periods.
The seat is wide and comfortable and the padding allows a good distribution of the weight of the rider on the back of the horse.
It is also equipped with rings that make it easy to attach bags.

The initiation saddle

Initiation saddles are intended for the initiation of young children who practice pony riding. They are ideal for starting because they have a wide and comfortable seat as well as a handle to reassure young riders and ensure the fixity of their hands.

The jumping saddle

The general shape of the show jumping saddle is a compromise in order to allow the rider to be near the body of the horse to optimize the sensations, and to damp the shocks to the reception of a jump thanks to thick ones linings.

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