How to take your horses saddle mesurments

The saddle is one of the almost indispensable materials to be able to mount a horse of all the disciplines. The choice of a saddle could however become a choice of size, because in order for the animal and the rider to find their comfort, the saddle must then be adapted to the morphology of the two. A badly adapted saddle could actually be dangerous for the latter. Nevertheless, rest assured, if the choice of a saddle is a real puzzle, it can nevertheless be summarized in four stages.

The withers of horse

The garot is the basic part of the horse's neck. Why is this part necessary? Simply because if the saddle does not reconcile with the bug, this could cause pain, injury and discomfort to the animal. It is then necessary to determine if this one has a boy well or less out. In the first case, standard saddles can already be adapted to the horse. As for a boy less out, the horse then requires a wider tree.

The spine line of the horse

Each horse has its own morphology. This is also valid for his back. Some has a flat back although others ensell. For the flat-backed horse, any standard saddler might be suitable as the bunny and the croup are at the same height. As for the one with the spangled back, that is to say with a slightly hollow back, it would be necessary to resort to saddle mats or shock absorbers to compensate for the cavity.

The length of the horse's back

If your horse has a wider back, you will not need to find a particular saddle to mount the latter. Indeed, a standard saddler might as well be suitable. On the other hand, if you notice that the length of your horse's back is shorter, in this case, try to find a smaller saddle to avoid rubbing and irritation.

The age of the horse

A horse could constantly change his morphology according to his age. If you have a young horse, know that the latter is still in full morphological evolution. In this case, it is normal to change the saddle until it has reached its growth. As for an old horse, you would also have to find a new saddle after a few years of work.

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