This site is the best for restored saddles

The saddle of your horse is worn, disjointed or in poor condition? You want to do a complete maintenance of your leather? Professional and neat, Equitack offers you to take care of the maintenance and the repair of all your articles in leathers whatever their types. This site is the solution for your equestrian life.

Repair and restoration

Leather, just like the skin, is sensitive to external aggressions. Fragilized by the sun's rays, bad weather and lack of maintenance, your leather upholstery can quickly lose its luster. The material dries, shrinks and hardens. Leather is a noble material whose longevity, well maintained, can exceed the centuries. Rather than throw away your old stuff, have them repaired or restored. Your saddler is committed to bringing back your leather material. Contact the Equitack website to make an estimate tailored to your needs.

Stool repairs

The repairs are distributed according to the following process: total repair of the seat, repair of broken pommels, pommel and cantle, change of knives stirrup stirrup, change of the cons-sanglons, modification of the padding according to the morphology of the horse (problem of injury) , change of the quarters' progress, installation of panels on holes with saddles on leather or synthetic saddles, reinforcement of padding, etc.


For those who do not have the time or the desire to maintain their own equipment, we offer them a personalized service of maintenance with high quality products of French origin. For others, Equitack offers a range of maintenance products specifically designed for riding equipment based exclusively on high performance natural products.

Thus, because the riders are important users of leather material sometimes subjected to rather harsh conditions of use. Equitack was anxious to offer you its offers restoration and repair to allow you to maintain your equipment on a daily basis to keep it supple, bright and healthy for as long as possible.

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