How to avoid saddle sore

If I tell you that 90% of the riders have a bad saddle adapted to their horses, do you believe me? And you, are you sure your saddle fits perfectly? But it is of utmost importance in the performance and well-being of your horse at work. What is the purpose of a saddle? Why is adjustment so important? How do I know if my saddle is suitable for my horse? The main purpose of a saddle is to distribute the pressures generated by the rider in a homogeneous way. The saddle will spread the pressure by sparing the spine along its entire length and over its entire width.

There are several types of poorly adapted stool

First, small precision, there are three types of saddles "poorly adapted". There are saddles of bad design, good saddles badly adjusted and good saddles misplaced. The first, to imagine, is as if you had a pair of glasses with opaque plastic glasses and a branch longer than the other - despite all the good will in the world there is not much to do, you will never see anything and it will be a hell to wear. Good bad fitting saddles are like a good pair of glasses but are not in your sight. It is very unpleasant, but it is a problem that is solved. Finally good stool badly placed, it's as if you had a good pair of glasses in your view, but you would have placed on the tip of your nose, they are very good but when they are misplaced it hurts the eyes. To avoid any saddles sore, take a tour of the site and find all kinds of fine used saddle for you and your horse.

It takes perfect communication

The saddle has another function, that of balancing you by allowing you to verticalize without effort. And very importantly, saddle and reins are the only two things that separate you from your horse. So if you want to have perfect communication with him, a saddle suitable for him and for you is absolutely necessary. It is she who will transmit the information of your pelvis and upper body to your horse. So if the information does not go well, you can imagine that the message cannot be well interpreted.

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