How to Fit a french Saddle

To practise horse riding, the riders need many specific equipment. The saddle is one of the most important equipments, because a saddle that is not perfectly fitted may cause serioux injuries to the horse. Read our advice to choose the right saddle for your horse.

Why call a saddle fitter ?

The saddle of a horse rider obviously has to be comfortable to him, but it is not the main issue. Indeed the saddle has to suit perfectly the horse's morphology, to prevent any risk of wound.But it is not always easy to choose the best saddle when you are not an expert. That is why you do not have to hesitate to call upon a saddle fitter : this especially trained professionnal knows how to find the adapted saddle by studying each horse's morphology. He especially checks that the arch is wide enough to enable the horse to move his shoulders freely, and will also ensure that the vertebrae are clear, and that he can see them by looking the saddle from behind.

Is it worth it to buy a new saddle ?

Once the saddle fitter has informed you about the kind of saddle adapted to your horse, you will be allowed to buy one. For this you have many choices according to your budget : is you have little money, you can choose a synthetic saddle, which is less expensive, lighter and easier to maintain as well. If you would rather buying a true leather saddle but you cannot spend a lot of money, you absolutely can buy a used saddle : so you will be able to afford a quality leather saddle, at a price so much lower than a brand new one. So buying a used saddle is a perfect compromise if you want quality at low price. Do not hesitate to visit site to learn more about the used saddles.

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